Download and Configure our Smart Models
Use our Smart Models for your preferred software to create your projects like never before. Change sizes, features and materials using our software Add-Ins.
Use our Add-Ins to Submit your Project
Our Add-Ins for different CAD packages allow you submit your designs to us at the touch of a button. You can also see a cost estimate for your project.
Receive a Tailored Tender Pack
Once you’ve submitted a project, we will send you all the information you’ll need to go to tender. We can also recommend makers who have used our system before.
A Maker Assembles Your Project
Machined parts will be delivered to site for your chosen Maker to assemble and finish, along with all of the information they’ll need to complete your project swiftly.
Quote on Designers’ Submitted Projects
Offer prices on projects specified by a range of Designers, all with clear and reliable tender documents that come in the same format every time.
Machined Parts are Delivered to Site
Once a price hase been agreed with the Designer, we will machine the parts and deliver them to site. Got a CNC machine? We can send you fabrication drawings instead!
Easily Assemble the Joinery
Our joinery comes with clear instructions and is designed to be quick and simple to put together. Once you’ve assembled one or two, you’ll know exactly what you’re doing!
Add the Finishing Touches
Exposed edges, doors, and drawer fronts will need sanding and oiling to add the finishing touches. Worktops and appliances can then be installed.
Configure your Perfect Project
Encourage your designer to use our Smart Models if they haven't already. It saves you both time and money, and ensures quality that you can rely on.
We'll Manufacture you Parts
Our software uses a streamlined process that allows us to machine-manufacture all of the parts for your project straight from your designer's models. No wasted time. No added cost.
We'll Help you Find a Maker
We can put you in touch with a Maker who's local to your project. If you've already got someone in mind, our assembly process is designed to be easy to pick up.
Enjoy a Project Tailored to you
That's all there is to it.
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